BAe Hawk T.1

Airfix Clubkit 1/72 - RAF Benevolent Fund Display Scheme 2009



This was a simple and straightforward kit to build - and a small one, too, but it was let down by the decals. The quality of the decals is very good, especially considering the subject, but the numbering was wrong in places and the number of decals was also incorrect. Where there should have been one, there were two (or more!) and where there should have been two, sometimes only one was on the sheet. Luckily, I had a sheet from a previous build, where I had finished the model in the SpitHawk scheme.

One other quibble was the fact that there was no information of any kind in reference to the off-white frame that covers the ejection seat blast shield on the outside of the canopy. It stands out very much on any image of the aircraft - including the ones on the box art and instructions - yet there is no mention of it in the painting description and no decal for it, either. I had to paint it freehand - with predictable results. Which was also why I didn't attempt the thin, off-white seal around the canopy frame!

On the subject of the canopy, in this later production kit the detcord is engraved into the main canopy part (in earlier releases it wasn't).

Those two points aside, it is (or was) a great kit. It is well worth getting if there are some still available - I think I read somewhere that they were being released as a standard kit - though it was sold as a 'limited edition' kit, solely for Airfix club members. One other point comes to mind - the instructions are not for this model, they are for the standard Airfix Red Arrows Hawk, so they have parts described in them which are not a part of this model, but are in the box (the smoke pod, for example)- as is also the case with the decal sheet (decals for pylons and a gun pod that aren't in the kit).

Would definitely recommend it - looks smashing when finished!