Douglas Boston Mk.III

Airfix 1/72

This kit dates back to the 1960s and was a real challenge to build to a reasonably decent standard. It took me around 6 weeks to build, shortly after having returned to the hobby after a ten year break - so it was a good opportunity for me to catch up on more modern techniques and practice some older ones. It was built mostly OOB (out of the box), using Humbrol enamel paints applied both by brush and through an ACS airbrush. Although the paint finish turned out okay, I didn't feel comfortable airbrushing enamels and soon after switched completely to acrylics (with enamels just used for detail painting and the odd metallic effect).

I found a lot of useful reference info around the net and this model came 3rd in a local branch IPMS competition. I experimented a bit with both water and oil paint based washes for weathering and dirtying up in general. I also tried a new technique (to me) of using painted tape for the canopy frames - the moulded frames were almost non-existent probably due to worn plates at the factory. That worked out quite well, too, but was very fiddly at this scale and I doubt I will do it again unless absolutely necessary. Although the parts fit was quite poor (especially the elevators, as can be seen in the pic's) the end result was not bad at all. I did forget to put any weight in the nose and ended up stuffing lead and plasticine into any available orifice - such as the front wheel well and the engine nacelles!

Recommended if you like the kind of challenge a kit of this age represents.