Dornier Do228-212LM

Revell 1/72

This model turned out really nice after some fit issues due to poorly moulded parts. I used Humbrol 130 satin white from an aerosol spray can for the main colour over Revell Aqua beige which was used as the primer. Humbrol enamels were used for the orange and blue stripes and underside.

I was really surprised to find that the enamel sprayed on very nicely - especially the large area of the underside - and caused me no issues whatsoever. The only real problem with using enamels is how much more of a job it is to clean the airbrush afterwards, in addition to the noxious fumes and vapour produced. With this in mind, I used an old Draper 'beginners' single action airbrush. Despite this, it worked very well.

 The decals were just a little on the thick side, but went on well with a sloshing of setting solution. All the photographs I saw of this aircraft on showed a clean aircraft, so that's how it was finished. I also quite enjoyed setting up the various antennae around the aircraft including the wire HF one, for which elastic thread was used.

I would build another one, but would probably do a bit of scratch building things like the mainwheel  landing light assemblies (which are very basic on this model) and the updated radar receiver.