Sukhoi Su-7 (Fitter)

VEB 1/72

I was quite chuffed when I found this model on a stall at the Peterborough Model Show in 2012. I thought it must be quite rare and would present a chance for me to see what 'Eastern Bloc' models were like.

In fact, the model is quite common and the standard turned out to be really poor. I guess I was expecting the low standard. However, once built it didn't look too bad at all, most of the poor quality bits being concealed by the build or finishing process - except the horrendous pitot tube and badly shaped fuel tanks. I sprayed it in Vallejo Chrome and applied the really awful kit decals as best I could, before giving it to one of the neighbour's lads to play with.

Most definitely not recommended unless the builder is prepared to put in a large amount of effort scratch-building and has relevant spare parts and decals. Good for beginners practicing techniques.