Sukhoi Su-25A Rook (Frogfoot)

Eduard 1/48 (Kopro)

This was my first 'multi-media' model aircraft and I did find it a bit tough going at times. Some of the photo-etch parts were so small i was just unable to work with them and they had to be left off. I tried many techniques and home-made tools in place of my arthritic fingers to try and fit them, but to no avail. The detail supplied by Eduard in this kit is stupendous - the standard of the base Kopro model is, however, very disappointing. Not least the warped fuselage halves. Eduard will replace such malformed parts, but at a cost, and not a small one. I initially bought aftermarket decals for a Slovakian aircraft, depicting a raging bull in a cloud of fire on the fin. But alas, the aftermarket decals were copies and were very poor quality indeed. Shame on Hannants for selling such dismal products (and I dare say illegal products, too, as they are copies of another, quality, manufacturer's decals). I also added some of my own scratch-built parts such as FOD covers and overall, though it took about 3 months of hard labour, I thoroughly enjoyed building this. It helped that I have always been a big fan of the Rook, or Frogfoot, since I first flew one in the virtual skies of the PC Lock On series. That is why I decided on the standard USSR scheme once the special decals had failed.

Eduard have just re-released the kit (which was originally a Limited Edition) and have included the very decals I had wanted to use on the original kit. Oh well... I won't buy another one, though - enjoyable a challenge as it was, once was enough.