Sikorsky HH-53C Jolly Green Giant

 Italeri 1/72

This kit was truly awful. It was designed to be built with the rear door open and a machine gun mounted on it, as well as in the side doors. However, if you do not wish to model the door open you are in for a rude awakening, as the parts just do not fit together with it closed. General fit was bad in any case and there was quite a bit of flash. I had intended to build it as a German Heer machine, having watched an awesome airborne assault under an autobahn bridge by these in 1985. In fact I originally gave up on it and used it for practising decal application techniques before a "Shelf of Doom" group build motivated me to have a go at resuscitating it. The windows are made from PVA glue and there is no weathering or such-like as I didn't think it worth the effort!

Gave it away to a neighbour's child to play with.