Mitsubishi F1

Hasegawa 1/72

JASDF Air Combat Meet '95


This is another one of the older Hasegawa kits, so the quality (and price) is not up to today's usual high, but it was nevertheless a pretty good kit and relatively simple to build. The only area I would wish to see improved would be the smaller ordnance parts, which were pretty poor moulds. That and my usual complaint of unclear paint colour descriptions (and in this case, inaccurate).

Unfortunately, this is not one of my better builds, having been constructed over a period of about a year, as a now-and-then project that I've done a half hour on as and when I had time and interest. Despite this, I'm not too disappointed with the result and it does look quite nice, sat on my shelf alongside my other aircraft models. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.