North American F-86F Sabre & Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 (Faggot)

Airfix 1/72 Clubkit


An excellent pair of kits with first class decals. It was a little disappointing to find a large sheet of stencils for the Sabre and none at all for the MiG, especially as I felt the MiG was the better of the two models due to the awkward fit of the Sabre wing. I had intended to do a natural metal finish for the MiG, but when I saw another modeller's build on the 'net I challenged myself to do a better job! I am very pleased with the result - it turned out much better than I expected. As is often the case with Airfix kits, the panel line detail shown on the instructions didn't match those on the model and so the placing of some stencils was not as clear as one might hope.

On the MiG, first I painted the overall sand colour (VMA mid-stone) and then used white tack 'spaghetti' to mark out and mask for spraying the two green stripes in turn, which are Xtracrylix. The underside is Soviet Blue-Grey enamel paint manufactured and sold by White Ensign Models, and was applied with a brush.

The Sabre was painted using VMA Chrome through an Iwata Neo CN airbrush. Touching up was done with a brush, using Humbrol Metalcote gloss aluminium, which is so close a match to the Vallejo Chrome as to see no difference. A light coloured wash was used.

Unfortunately, Airfix models don't come with stands or slots any more so you have to either cut your own or if that isn't possible (as here)  glue them directly to the underside of the fuselage after buying a set of stands separately.