Lockheed F-104J Starfighter

Hasegawa 1/72

This is an older Hasegawa kit - and whilst they were often better than the competition at the time, the competition wasn't up to much! Hence, these older Hasegawa kits are nothing to write home about, and this F-104J kit is no exception. It didn't fit together very well and some of the instructions (especially the main undercarriage assembly) were not very clear at all. However, for the price it is not too bad. I do dislike kits that split cross-sectionally across the fuselage, as this can be difficult to cover up, or as in this case, difficult to align. I do appreciate it is for financial and ease of production reasons, so that the same parts can be used on several different variants of the type, but it can be a pain. Other than that, no real complaints. The decals were of good quality. It would be nice to have some well referenced paint instructions, too - instead of the standard Japanese offerings which are rarely generally available in Europe. At least a cross-reference with popular acrylic brands like Humbrol, Revell or Vallejo would be nice. Comparison sheets don't always have the required info.