Panavia Tornado GR.1

Revell 1/72

This looked quite a nice kit out of the box and most of it went together quite well. There were one or two notable exceptions, mind, such as the air intakes sitting too high on the fuselage. All was quite easily sorted with a scalpel and a bit of filler (Vallejo acrylic filler). The design of the wing swing mechanism was a bit odd, too. As I always fix my swing wings in a set position, this was of no consequence to me, though. Another minor irritant with the wings was the angle of droop, with no feasible way of changing it without a risky and time-consuming operation.

The worst thing by far about this model were the decals. Even the promotional pictures that are used to advertise this model show the horrendous lack of quality in them. Despite there being a full set of stencils in addition to the national and squadron markings, I fitted as few as I could get away with - and those were applied in a bath of Johnson's Klear - a method I normally rarely have need of. Not only were they far too thick, but the adhesive used was far too weak. I've not seen this on my other Revell kits, but this is obviously something that is a problem in all of the RAF Tornado GR1 kits.

Now, having said all that, I was very pleased with the end result, considering some of the difficulties. It really looks nice - and that, at the end of the day, is what matters. I can deal with a kit that has issues - I have a habit of finding them on my workbench! But if they turn out okay, that's fine. If they turn out a dog, in addition to being a problem build, then they go to the neighbour's kids to play with.

 Would I build another one? Probably not, but if I did, it would only be with an aftermarket decal set.