Westland Wessex Hu-5

Italeri 1/72



This was the best Italeri helicopter model I've built to date and despite several self-caused near-disasters during the build, I was able to rescue the situation and am very happy how it turned out. There are some minor things I'm not completely happy with - the brightness of the white in the decals for one - but I can live with that. I had been intending to build one of the camouflage schemes, but forgot that when I spent a couple of hours fitting the wire antennas, only then realising I would have too many problems masking to make it viable. So I went for the Royal Navy in London version. In a way I'm glad that I did, because it did come out rather well.

Only complaint with the kit is the usual one - the decals were sub-par. Better than some, but still - a little over scale and some silvering issues, despite being very careful. All solid paints are Vallejo Model Air acrylics and metallics are Humbrol Metalcote enamels. Wash is Flory Dark and matt varnish is Vallejo acrylic. Also used a charcoal stick for exhaust carbon effect. The antenna wires were made from stretched elastic thread, secured with CA glue.

I would definitely build another one - and indeed am looking forward to building the Italeri Wessex HAS.3 in my stash.

Thanks for looking

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