Kneeboard Information Files for DCS World

The table below provides links to download the individual module's Kneeboard files, ready to go into your C:\*user*\Saved Games\DCS\Kneeboard  or DCS.openalpha\Kneeboard folder. If such a folder does not exist, create it and unarchive the downloaded files into it, or if you download the whole package, it comes as the kneeboard folder. The files are archived with 7zip - a free archiving utility you can download from HERE

*I've changed things slightly, on this page. The links below will take you to the download page for the individual module KIF archive. The pictorial guides are now shown in a separate section, and linked from the main Guides & Reference page*

Download Complete Utility

A-10A A-10C C-101EB
F-5E F-15C F-86F
Ka-50 L-39 Mi-8MTV
MiG-15bis MiG-21bis MiG-29
Mirage 2000C P-51D SA342
Spitfire IX Su-25 Su-25T
Su-27 Su-33 UH-1H

You can view a video guide here: