External power CONNECT Icon Bank - E
External AC power switch ON OHu
External DC power switch ON OHu
Brake Select switch EMERGENCY R1
Anti-Skid OFF R1
Panel & instrument lights ON VC
Radios ON Icon Bank/FE Stn
GTC Intake door OPEN OHu
GTC Control switch START OHu

- Wait for On SPEED indication -

Engine bleed air switches CLOSED OHu
GTC Bleed Air Valve OPEN OHu
Co-pilot Instruments AC Power switch Essential AC Bus OHu
Aircraft Instruments & Fuel Control Essential DC Bus OHu
Anti-Collision Lights ON OHu
Chocks REMOVE Animation Panel
Oil Cooler Flaps AUTOMATIC OHL
Engine Fuel Enrichment OFF OHL
Suction Boost Pump switches ON R1
Aux Pump ON R1
Low speed ground idle buttons IN VC
Condition Levers RUN Throttle Quadrant

-in order, individually from 4 to 1;-

Engine Bleed Air switch OPEN OHu

Engine Generator switches ON OHu
DC Power switch BATTERY OHu
Low speed ground idle buttons OUT VC
GTC Bleed Air Valve CLOSED OHu

-wait 30 seconds-

GTC main switch OFF OHu
External AC Power switch OFF OHu
External Power REMOVE Icon Bank - E
Air Conditioning Master Switch SET OHu
Squawk Code SET SSR
Squawk Mode 3A SSR
Master Squawk Mode SBY SSR
Taxi Lights ON VC or R
Altimeters CALIBRATE VC or L/R or 'B'
Brake Select switch NORMAL R1
Anti-Skid ON R1
Flight Instruments CHECK VC or L/R
NAV Radios SET Icon Bank/FE Stn
V Speeds CHECK & NOTE Chart
Anti Icing SET OHu
Radar Function Selector TCAS Rdr

-taxi to runway, testing wheel-brakes enroute-

Parking Brake SET VC
Master Squawk Mode NORM SSR
Flaps SET 50% VC
Throttle Slowly increase to full VC
Parking Brake RELEASE VC